Homs, a city in western Syria, was a major industrial centre. With a population of at least 652,609 people in 2004, it was the third largest city in the country. It was also the "capital of the revolution" after residents embraced the call to overthrow the president in early 2011 and much of the city fell under the control of the opposition. Homs has been massively destroyed by the war in the latest years.

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Western cultural relationship with Syria fluctuates from a fascinated alien perspective–war as entertainment, to half-heartened charity wars, passing by a growing horror before the increasing mass of refugees.

The piece, titled HOMS, is a mixed-media installation where drone-footage of the ruins of Homs, digitally slowed-down by the artist, is projected on a wall. Before the wall there is a metallic head that reflects these images creating ever-changing beautiful patterns in the room: a beautiful spectacle made from the ruins.

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