Celebra is an interactive installation, originally commissioned by the Uruguayan government as part of the celebrations of Uruguay's 200 anniversary. It is a massive, interactive installation, able to also double as an audio–visual performance tool.

The installation comprises a suspended network of two hundred balloons. These balloons can be individually lit using RGB LEDs. The installation is able to sense movement and sounds created around it, while also offering tools for remote access: we created a dedicated website and smartphone apps that allow to interact remotely with it. The piece unfolds as an abstract communication tool between those who are in place and those accessing it remotely.

Celebra embraces two aesthetics that are frequently seen as contradictory: on one hand, much effort has been put into the design and construction of its very refined control interfaces, interaction schemes, and visual output; on the other, it embraces a rough, grunge, aesthetics that arises from its components and their interconnection.

In it, we used the first version of Sendero (our open source lighting system)


Tomás Laurenzo - Art direction and coding.

Christian Clark - Production and coding.

Pablo Gindel - Electronics.

Fabrizio Devoto - Structure.

Germán Hoffman - Coding.