Trace Pavilion

Trace Pavilion is the third in a series of bamboo pavilions designed and built by architecture students at University of Saint Joseph in Macau.

Trace was developed over a semester through a series of exercises, precedent studies, and a design competition of which the winning design was built.

Tobias Klein and I were invited to collaborate with the critique of the students' projects, and to create an audiovisual installation with the pavilion.

We created a 360-degree projection that animated the pavilion (we used several projectors and computers together with a distributed video-mapping system we programmed for the installation). The composed music resonated with the idea of lightness and self-similarity.

With both images and music, we aimed at exploring contemporary digital design techniques, highlighting the use of bamboo construction beyond that of just scaffolding, and proposing an audiovisual dialogue between the structure, its possibilities, and its environment.