Two Systems is an interactive installation reflecting on control and its representation.

The installations consists of a tabletop display showing a high-resolution stop motion animation with interactive sound. 

The animation consists of a thirteen-frame laser-cut hand drawn animation of a fire. These photos, once photographed, where gradually burned, generating new layers of stop motion animation. This burning created orthogonal axis of animation. There are thirteen different sets of burned pieces, giving a total of 169 possible images that are animated following arbitrary paths in these two axes (time - burning).

The animation path is controlled by the spectator with two knobs. The knobs, directly control the sound the installation creates. This sound is created by algorithmically combining two different recordings of the Umbrella Revolution (Hong Kong's student-led pro-democracy demonstrations in 2014).

Although the two controls have a direct impact in the sound that is being reproduced, the causal relation between the spectator's interaction and the sound changes permanently, turning impossible to learn how to control the sound. 

The installation reflects on control, information, and representation.

Two Systems participated on The Age of Experience. A collective show at the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong, curated by Dr. Harald Kraemer.

This work originated at the NYU's 2014 ITP Summer Camp in New York.



Tomas Laurenzo: concept, programming, construction.

Tatjana Kudinova: hand-drawn fire animation, laser cutting.

With thanks to my former RA Samuel Adam Swope.